Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Favorite Indie Books of 2013

That's right, I said, "our."  Everyone is eligible to nominate one self-published book to go on the list.  You may not nominate your own book.  The book does not have to have been published in 2013, but you have to have read it in 2013, whether for the first time or not.  Fiction and non-fiction entries are welcome.  Deadline for entries: December, 29, 2013.

To nominate a book:

  1. Comment to this post with the Title and Author Name. (Links appreciated)
  2. Briefly tell me what you liked about the book.
  3. Share this post on your preferred social media site.

My pick for this year is +R.J. Blain 's Eye of God.

+Nina Anthonijsz 's Pick:
+Samuel Alexander 's Salinor: The Beginnings

+R.J. Blain pays it forward, nominating +Bliss Morgan /Andrea Trask for Inner Workings

+Brooke Johnson 's The Clockwork Giant (Chroniker City)

To quote +J.B. Wise  , "The main character, Petra, was strong and I could relate to her. The love story was believable and the writing is phenomenal! It was gripping, well thought out and made me feel like it could be real."

+Brandon Toropov nominates I Chose to Die by Ksenia Anske.  Mr. Toropov has a thing for siren and mermaid imagery, which is why he nominated this book.  In addition, he says that Anske is a solid crafter of sentences and capture the trauma of abuse in a powerful way.

+Brooke Johnson  another Indie author playing it forward nominated +Jenn Thorson for her book There Goes the Galaxy. She says the sequel, The Purloined Number is every bit as good.

I cannot get enough of the paying it forward, can you?
+Bliss Morgan nominates +Aaron Crocco for Chrono Virus


Her second pick is Unselected by +John Lewis.

The description claims it to be "unrelated works" that form a cohesive whole, but it is that very cohesion found through subtle interrelations of the short fictions and pocket poetry in this book that leave a reader with the sense of managing to glimpse through the patchworked holes in an eerie quilt, glimpsing bits and pieces of a world rife with paranoia, the supernatural, and ::shudder:: It's A Small World. 

+Marcia Blake nominates +John Sundman for Acts of the Apostles

Julie Sanderson has nominated Matthew Lewis, for his book, Loyalty.
"Well written, exciting, historical read."

I've given +Ronda Reed the go-ahead to nominate 3 books, as I know she's read them all and was having a hard time choosing.  She slipped a tie in for the third pick, but I'm always it.  Here are her choices:
"Okay, my picks for the year are +Brian Meeks for Henry Woods Detective Agency Trilogy. I have always loved the Mystery genre, but to be honest, I've only read the first two; see above comment. I loved the noir nostalgia of the 50's, the characters are strong, the sleuthing is on target, and the addition of a pinch of sci-fi with his magic closet is fun. Looking forward to reading the third."

"Another pick would be for +Rachel Desilets for her YA Dystopian, Hipstopia I love the characters, Jay especially, and her satiric "take" on hipsters is so witty. Can't wait to read where the spark at the end will lead to in her followup book."

"The last was hard to pick between James Colbraith for his The Shadow of Black Wings (Year of the Dragon #1), a really strong world building fantasy with a hint of steampunk and lots of dragons- and I love dragons - but, it was hard to decipher some of his new word terminologies in the beginning, which a small indexed dictionary may have helped. However, it took awhile getting to the main plot, but worth it when it got there only to have the end of book #1 reached. The other is R J Blain's Storm Without End. I chose, +R.J. Blain's SWE. I love a good strong fantasy world to be built, she does that. I love characters you can immediately identify with, a one armed short ball of spit-fire called Kalen, will do the trick. Toss in fast paced conflict and adversaries and a strong side character in Breton as well as smart horses, and who doesn't love horses right, well you've got yourself a fantastic Fantasy read! :)

+Brian Meeks payed it forward, recommending  +Johnny B. Truant  and +Sean Platt for the Beam.

                                +Rachel Desilets has chosen Unteachable by Leah Raeder.  
                     "It's an excellent NA romance with incredibly lyrical writing.  She's gotten a lot                                  of well deserved attention this year."


  1. I'm going to pick Bliss Morgan's (Andrea Trask) Inner Workings -- It's a novella, and I quite enjoyed it!

  2. I'd choose Loyalty by Matthew Lewis, with King Richard III as the central character. Well written, exciting, a great historical read.

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